Live Report from Occupied AIPAC

No War on Iran!

No War on Iran!

“Mic check! We are the 99%. War benefits the 1%. Don’t bomb Iran! Use diplomacy not bombs!”

Four Occupy AIPAC activists voices erupted yesterday inside the AIPAC conference when Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who is pushing for a resolution which seeks to lower the threshold for the to US attack Iran, took the stage. An AIPAC delegate leaped over rows of chairs to pounce on the activists, choking one with his own tie. The People’s Microphone continued: “AIPAC wants war. We want peace.”

Today thousands of AIPAC delegates will lobby Congress pushing for military attack on Iran and more money for weapons to Israel. CODEPINK will be on the Hill too. In fact we’ve placed an ad in The Hill—the Washington newspaper read by Congress daily—with an open letter to Congress opposing AIPAC’s push for war on Iran. Thanks to everyone who donated to make this happen!

Join us in calling on Congress to use diplomacy, not bombs. Send a letter to your member of Congress today.

Like a mosquito in the ear of an elephant, this week we’ve succeeded in making a very loud and visible opposition to ongoing Israeli violations of human rights and international law, and opposing war on Iran. Watch key excerpts from the Occupy AIPAC Summit here, read the great news coverage, and see protest photos from Occupy AIPAC.

We remember what the drumbeat to the war on Iraq sounded like. The faint murmur is getting louder. We can’t afford another war. The time to act is now – please reach out to your member of Congress today! Put Peace with Iran on the table in Congress!

In Solidarity,
Occupy AIPAC activists from all over the US

PS: Don’t forget to contact your Congressperson today while we occupy the offices of those who are pushing for war!

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