Protesters to rally outside of AIPAC Conference, Oppose war on Iran

For Immediate Release

11AM-2PM Washington, DC: While President Obama and Israeli President Shimon Peres are speaking at the AIPAC Forum, some 400 Occupy AIPACers and local occupiers will demonstrate outside AIPAC Policy Conference urging Obama to engage in diplomacy with Iran.

Visuals: Giant letters to spell out “NO WAR ON IRAN”, puppets, mock checkpoint and Annexation Wall, flashmob, and more.

The hyperbolic rhetoric promoted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has spread to American politicians in an escalating discourse over US Foreign Policy towards Iran. Hundreds of people will be countering this rhetoric with messages of peace in the Middle East.

“After 10 years of war, the American people need a foreign policy that focuses on diplomacy, not military intervention,” Medea Benjamin said. “We are rallying to demand that our current leaders not take us down the same path as past leaders did in Iraq.”

The Occupy AIPAC coalition is gathering to urge Obama to reject the Israeli administration’s push for war on Iran and insist on respect for Palestinian rights. Timed to coincide with the annual AIPAC policy conference from March 3-6, the Occupy AIPAC summit will be a long weekend of events and protests that draw attention to the role of AIPAC as a special interest lobby that maintains a stranglehold over US policies. As the Occupy Movement has focused public ire on the role of large corporations and powerful lobby groups, hundreds will gather in DC to protest AIPAC’s push for war.