Report back from action outside San Francisco AIPAC fundraiser

On Tuesday, December 4, members of various Bay Area organizations met outside of the Westin Saint Francis in San Francisco to protest AIPAC’s yearly fundraiser being held inside. Voices from CODEPINK, Jewish Voice for Peace, (I’m not sure what other organizations were there….) informed passersby of the pro-Israel lobby’s recent success in pushing for more settlements to be made in the Palestinian West Bank as well as their agenda for a war on Iran. As AIPAC members walked past them into the front of the building, protesters were able to spread their messages of peace and hope for a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine, as well as have meaningful conversations with people in the streets. After the program, five people were able to get inside of the cocktail hour and hand out flyers while shouting “Free Palestine, End the Occupation!” Find livestream video of this peaceful disruption here [] (watch at minute 3:30)