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Demonstration Outside the Department of Justice

On May 23, Move Over AIPAC marched on the Justice Department with new information about why AIPAC should register under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Individuals presented their own personalized letters for regulation at the main entrance. Heather Hunt, head of the Foreign Agents Registration Act unit at the Justice Department, invited this new input on the possible registration of AIPAC as a foreign agent in a May 18, 2011 letter which was read out loud during the action.

Watch videos of our demonstrations and send a complaint of your own to the head of the FARA section and Attorney General Eric Holder. Download, personalize and mail this letter urging regulation of AIPAC as a foreign agent.

You can also download and mail a complaint to the IRS insisting AIPAC be investigated for tax fraud.
Download and mail a pre-filled form with CODEPINK’s information or personalize a complaint.

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Spoof AIPAC Gala Program

To the surprise of many AIPAC participants to the Monday night Gala, they were handed a glossy update to the evening’s program with Bibi Netanyahu and US speakers. The light-hearted spoof included the musical revue “We Arm the World” by Israel’s vaudeville troupe The Dazzling Cluster Bomblets, a talk by Congressman Eric Cantor on how to best play the anti-semitism card, a Netanyahu keynote entitled “We’re Right and Every Other Country in the World is Wrong (except the U.S., Micronesia and Palau) and workshops such as How to Make Victims Look Like Aggressors: Lessons from the Mavi Marmara. Light-hearted but oh so true. We hope that it provoked some reflection from a few of the AIPAC revelers.

Download our spoof program

The Real News Reports: Rally Protests AIPAC Conference

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Photos from Move Over AIPAC!

Please share your photos from Move Over AIPAC with us! Upload them to Flickr and just add them to our Flickr group page “Move Over AIPAC” here. Or if you’d like, email them to us and we’ll post them for you! Email laps65pray@photos.flickr.com.

While President Obama Speaks to Pro-Israel Lobby AIPAC, Peace Activists Protest AIPAC and Israel for Thwarting Peace

When: Sunday 8am-5pm

Where: Outside the DC Convention Center, 9th St and Massachusetts Ave, NW

During President Obama’s speech to the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC, hundreds of social justice activists to gather outside the Conference Center to protest AIPAC policies, including its unconditional support for Israel.

Demonstrators will be outside the Convention Center from 8am to 5pm. They will have a 30 ft. mock annexation wall, a 30 ft. boat to represent the Gaza Flotilla that will set sail in mid-June to break the siege of Gaza and many other visuals. Protesters will have two dialogue booths on the corners leading to the convention center, trying to engage in conversation with the AIPAC attendees. be linking arms around the Convention Center.

Between 10:30am-12:30pm, during Obama’s speech to the AIPAC conference, key speakers will be calling for a end to the honeymoon between Obama and the Israel lobby.

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Rabbis, Palestinians, Activists Stage Die-In Outside AIPAC Conference Arrests as President Obama Speaks

Rabbis, Palestinians, activists with the peace group CODEPINK and others from the Jewish peace community protested outside of AIPAC Conference as President Obama gave his keynote speech; one protester was arrested as the presidential motorcade entered the Convention Center. A 23 year old student from Chicago, currently being detained after unintentionally entering the street as the motorcade passed, was roughed up by police officers, his charges are yet to be disclosed. At least a dozen protesters , with the Move Over AIPAC conference and protests, funneled into the street after Van Slyke’s arrest, effectively closing down the intersection while performing a “die-in” covered in bloody cloths. Activists from the group US Boat to Gaza have mounted a boat float with dozens of people, singing and chanting.

The protests at the DC Convention (9th St and Massachusetts Ave, NW) will continue throughout the day. Great photo opportunities. Interviews available.

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Ann Wright Speaks About the US Boat to Gaza

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2011 Action & Protest Videos

Dialogue between AIPAC supporters and protesters
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Protest outside the AIPAC conference
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March around the AIPAC conference
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Patch Adams Shenanigans
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Al Jazeera Reports on Move Over AIPAC

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Flash Mob Kicks Off Move Over AIPAC Conference

Kicking off the weekend, dozens of activists participated in a flashmob in Union Station, Washington D.C.

To see photos from the Conference, including the flash mob, visit our flicker account.

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