2012 Summit

See the schedule for Occupy AIPAC 2012

Occupy AIPAC 2012Overview of Logistics for Participants

Occupy AIPAC Summit: Our daylong conference will take place on Saturday, March 3rd at Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church (900 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest, Washington D.C., DC 20001-4308).  Registration will open at 8 am and the summit will begin promptly at 9am and conclude at 7 pm.

Occupy AIPAC Actions:
All Occupy AIPAC demonstrations (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday March 4th-6th) are FREE and OPEN to the public and we encourage you to join us to take a stand for justice and peace in the Middle East!

We’ll have a 20′ long Wall, a people-powered Freedom Flotilla, a memorial to peacemakers and innocents killed in Palestine, “Peanuts-style” dialogue booths, giant puppets, and more.  There will be time for street theater, marches and creative actions.

Congressional Advocacy: If you will be joining us on Monday and/or Tuesday, you are invited to make an appointment with the office of your member of Congress.  We will have lobby packets available for your meetings with several key asks.  Find contact info for Congress here, or enter your zip code on our online tool.

Housing and Rideshare:
 Check our Housing Boardlist of hostels and hotels, and ride board for your logistical needs.

Momentum is building! With over 100 endorsing organizations and a steady stream of registrations coming in daily, the word is spreading that DC is the place to be to counter the Israel Lobby in May!  Help us spread the word to your activist community by sending this promotional tweet or post this message to your facebook.

Occupy AIPAC is a collective action and we’re counting on your participation to make it a success.  Here are some ways you can help out now:

Occupy AIPAC resolution: Bring this resolution to endorse the Occupy AIPAC initiative to your local Occupy encampment or organizing committees.

Local actions: Organize a local action timed to coincide with the Occupy AIPAC summit. See our Act Locally page for ideas and resources to bring this issue to your community.

Media Team Request: Several excellent op eds by speakers at Move Over AIPAC have been placed, which you can read here.  Can you write one as well, or help get one placed in your newspaper/favorite website/blog? Can you get us an interview on your local radio station?  Your story of why you are going to Move Over AIPAC is important for your local media to hear about – contact Sasha at occupyaipac@gmail.com to receive our sample press release and help contacting your local press.

Are you bringing a video camera to help us document the gathering? Can you help us use social media—facebook, twitter—during the gathering? Please contact alli@codepink.org to join the media team.

Visuals Team Request: Do you have an idea for a creative action you want to bring to Move Over AIPAC?  Are you willing to make a banner?  Contact occupyaipac@gmail.com with your ideas and offerings.

Peacekeeping Team Request: To join the security team to ensure that Occupy AIPAC is a positive, nonviolent series of actions and events, please contact  occupyaipac@gmail.com.  Please also let us know if you’re a lawyer and can be a legal observer, or if you have EMT/medic skills.

Calling all Songs! Do you have a chant or parody to share?  Email your rhymes and lyrics to  occupyaipac@gmail.com.