Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker and Eve Ensler join Israeli women to say: Iranians, We Love You

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Alice Walker - We Will Not Bomb Your Country

Alice Walker - We Will Not Bomb Your Country

On Tuesday, March 20, three powerful women—Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker and Eve Ensler—signed onto a statement drafted by CODEPINK opposing an attack on Iran. The petition implores three powerful American female politicians—Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Susan Rice and First Lady Michelle Obama—to use their influence to push for diplomacy, not bombing, in our relations with Iran.

CODEPINK launched the petition online, on Twitter and Facebook, and in a matter of hours received thousands of signers. The petition launch date was significant: March 20th marked the 9th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, and on a happier note, the Iranian New Year, Norooz. This American petition was created at the request of an Israeli group, the Coalition of Women for Peace, who modeled their own petition after a call to action from a group of women inside Iran. The Israeli, Iranian and U.S. women plan to do more actions together to oppose war.

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