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Citizens Occupy AIPAC Policy Conference and Mic Check Rep. Ros-Lehtinen

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Citizens Occupy AIPAC Policy Conference and Mic Check Cong. Ros-Lehtinen:
Use Diplomacy, Not War on Iran

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Washington, DC—An AIPAC Policy Conference panel titled “Stopping Iran” had some unexpected speakers: activists with Occupy AIPAC who stood up and “mic checked” Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Israeli Ambassador Jeremy Issacharoff. At about 2pm on March 5, four activists called out AIPAC for pushing for American support for an Israeli attack on Iran. One activist was violently attacked by an AIPAC member who used his tie to strangle the peaceful protester. Later in the afternoon two activists unfurled a “Don’t Bomb Iran” banner inside the AIPAC hall. Security promptly pushed them out of the hall, and also forcefully removed an AIPAC delegate who had nothing to do with the action, but was taken out for being a bystander.

The full People’s Microphone inside the panel said:
“Mic check!
Ros-Lehtinen is pushing war
based on lies.
We are the 99%
Wars benefit the 1%
Don’t bomb Iran!
Diplomacy not bombs.
AIPAC supports endless war.
We support peace.
Occupy Wall Street not Iran.
Occupy Wall Street not Palestine.
No war on Iran.”

Shortly after the people’s mic began, the crowd of AIPAC attendees reacted forcefully. Some of them climbed over chairs to reach the demonstrators, and one of the disruptors, Rick Colbath-Hess, was violently yanked down to the floor by his necktie. After the mic-check, Laura Kacere of Occupy DC and Ridgely Fuller of CODEPINK and Occupy Boston both stood on top of chairs and chanted “Don’t bomb Iran!” The AIPAC crowd responded by singing the Israeli national anthem, led by Representative Ros-Lehtinen, and the activists were eventually escorted out.

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The Real News: Occupy AIPAC Opposes War and Sanctions Against Iran

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130 organizations call for diplomacy with Iran and a US Middle East policy not based on unequivocal support for Israel.

ON TV (Arabic): Occupy AIPAC

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Jewish Activist to AIPAC: Stop Silencing Dissent!

Young Jewish activist disrupts AIPAC panel about “Israel on Campus”: Stop Silencing Dissent and Supporting Settlement Expansion

Liza Behrendt, 22 year old member of Young Jewish and Proud, the youth wing of Jewish Voice for Peace, stood up during a breakout session called “The Struggle to Secure Israel on Campus” to call attention to the silencing of Palestinians— and young Jews who support them — on U.S. campuses.  Liza stood on stage and unfurled a banner that read, “Settlements Betray Jewish Values” and “Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof,” the Jewish text from Deuteronomy meaning “Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue.”

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The panel included officials from AIPAC, Stand With Us, The David Project, and Hillel, who discussed tactics for opposing human rights groups on campus, an in particular those that promote the use of Boycott, Divestment or Sanctions (BDS) to pressure Israel to be accountable to international law. Panelist Wayne Firestone, CEO of Hillel, last year issued controversial guidelines barring Hillel groups from partnering with organizations that support any facet of the BDS movement or that lack a specifically Zionist stance. “I felt it was necessary to confront Wayne Firestone, whose condescending guidelines barred my Brandeis University chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace from joining Hillel last spring. Hillel’s guidelines are part of organized efforts to enforce an ideological status quo among young Jews on Israel, but they are completely out of touch with what’s happening among young people,” said Liza Behrendt.

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Kate Gould: Lobbying Our Way Out of a US Attack on Iran

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Anonymous: Occupy AIPAC

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Live Streaming of Middle East Summit

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Rae Abileah Invites You to Occupy AIPAC!

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Suad Amiry to Join Occupy AIPAC

We are pleased to announce that Suad Amiry will be joining our cultural event ensemble on Saturday night, the 3rd of March 2012!

Suad Amiry is a comedian and author of the bestselling book, Sharon and My Mother-in-Law. Suad, an architect by training, is also the director and founder of the Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation. The center was founded in 1991 and is the first of its kind to work on the rehabilitation and protection of architectural heritage in Palestine.

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Professors Walt & Mearsheimer Speak at Move Over AIPAC

John Mearsheimer:  Move Over AIPAC lecture
May 21, 2011

The Lobby and the Israel-Palestine Conflict

It is a pleasure to be here at the Move Over AIPAC Conference. I would like to thank Medea Benjamin and Rae Abileah of Code Pink for inviting us, and all of you for coming out to this important event. I have great respect for what you are doing to change US Middle East policy and I wish you the best of luck in that endeavor.

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